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About Dataline

Since 1987 the Dataline Group has been at the forefront of making accounts management easy for organisations across the Asia Pacific region. Dataline is committed to providing the best, most efficient solutions to market: whether that is designing and building its own services or partnering with some of the world’s leading accounts processing suppliers to bring their products and services to local markets. Dataline has made efficiency easy for 350 companies from major banks and government organisation to small and medium organisations.

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Accounts payable staff are often inundated with a significant amount of work, spending more time handling paper invoices, validating details and chasing approvals than doing anything else. Redirect their efforts towards higher value tasks by implementing a digital accounts payable process.

Dataline’s Accounts Payable Automation will help you save time and money by managing your current manual processes associated with accounts payable. It is a unique system that provides immediate cost and productivity benefits, without the need for major investment in hardware and software.

flash_auto No More Data Entry 
Automate the email of your invoices and the APA+ software will extract the invoice data that syncs to your accounting system.

 Data Accuracy
Other systems make you manage data validation, with APA+ Dataline will manage validation to ensure you achieve straight-through processing.

 Manage Duplicates
Intelligent software that recognises invoice duplicates stopping the process of double payments.

 Automated Processing
Smart software that supports GL codes and matches invoice to purchase orders and receipted goods.

Approval Workflows
Based on your business rules, decision makers are notified via email to approve invoices online providing 24/7 access.

No more sorting and filing
Invoices are automatically archived providing you with fast search retrieval and complete audit trail.

  • Two-way sync interface connecting to your accounting software, providing a high level of integration;
  • Can be set in days so you are up & running in no time;
  • Invoice data validated by the Dataline team;
  • 3-way match that matches the invoice to the PO number as well as the inwards goods receipt;
  • Advanced workflow approval platform which can be set up based on your particular business rules;
  • Provides you with the visibility of upcoming liabilities;
  • No minimum terms, minimum volume etc. Transactional based pricing which includes all licencing, maintenance and support.

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