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Mailchimp (10).pngSmart expense and invoice processing 

Expense management solution is one of those business tools that is touched by most of the employees of a business. expensemanager has been designed to be deployed to your employees with little or minimal training. It is an all in one platform where businesses can automate their expenses, manage their invoice payments and control their spend.


expensemanager has all the features you need to manage your expenses. Their highly developed software offers powerful, robust and easy to use set of tools that allow your business to control expenses immediately and save time and money.



expensemanager's invoice module automates and simplifies the entire invoice management process for your accounts payable operation bringing immediate efficiencies, control and savings.



expensemanager offers a complete receipt management module. Expense receipts can be sent from a smartphone, emailed or uploaded or sent directly to the users as a digital receipt directly from the merchant. With its OCR and smart matching technology, receipts are scanned and expense line auto-filled and the matched to the correct expense line.


Purchase Order

As companies work to keep operating costs down, purchase orders can be an important function in spend management. expensemanager's Purchase Order module adds control and visibility across your company so every purchase request follows an agreed workflow, allowing for faster and easier requisitions.



All the modules of expensemanager are fully integrated, fully managed by unified company policy and workflow. Each module follows the same user interface- which means the users have to learn once.


Approval Workflow

The approvers are emailed as soon as a report is submitted. They can approve or return it on their mobile devices. They also receive reminders for any outstanding reports that need their attention. With an easy approve and return workflow, approval process keeps flowing. 



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expensemanager enables companies to dramatically change the way they manage their spend, automates their processes and enables them to go paper-free. To find out more about how expensemanager can help your business with smart expense and invoice processing, contact us today!
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