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Opmetrix is a cloud-based premium field mobile sales solution that will transform the way your business works. It is specifically designed to help the sales and merchandising team increase their efficiency and boost their sales. With Opmetrix, the field staff can instantly see their call cycle for the day, manage customer contacts and notes, complete key tasks in store including taking orders, completing surveys, and selling and promotions. All the information a salesperson needs is right in front of them on their tablet. Whether it be stock levels or a customer's sales history, they can see it anytime, anywhere.

Simultaneously, the managers at the headquarter can instantly see new field orders, what their teams have achieved, sales forecast and budgets, along with the information they need to ensure sales performance and opportunities at optimised. 


Increase sales team productivity and performance with Opmetrix CRM – the solution which organises your team collects customer information to one centralised place and shares data easily between the back office and the front line. You’ll always know exactly what’s happening out on the field, so you can encourage and drive improvements.

  • A daily call cycle of appointments
  • Add sick leave or days off
  • View customer maps, get directions
  • Add prospects and track their progress

Mobile Sales

Want to gain extra hours of productivity a day? Say goodbye to laborious manual re-entry of orders because with Opmetrix for sales, you can. The mobile app allows on-the-spot transaction processing which means super quick ordering and automatic import to accounting systems.

  • Orders, Invoices & Credits
  • Stock on-hand at a glance
  • Signature capture
  • Email confirmations
  • Mobile barcode scanning
  • Add prospects and enter quotes
  • Mobile printing

FMCG Merchandising

For great retail execution, combine Opmetrix CRM and Sales with Merchandising features to complete the perfect store call. Designed specifically for FMCG, it delivers a comprehensive merchandising and analytics solution.

  • Product distribution checks
  • Shelf and facings checks
  • Price audits
  • Promo opportunity

Opmetrix can be integrated with both MYOB Exo and Advanced to seamlessly extract master data, pricing and inventory levels to ensure field teams have up to date information when face to face with customers. Sales transactions are automatically imported to your MYOB software, accelerating workflows and eliminating double handling.

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