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SPNet is an e-commerce module designed for companies wanting to promote and sell their products and services over the internet. SPNet links directly to the Sybiz Vision to create a dynamic website that can easily be tailored for a range of business scenarios. It allows organisations to define how their website interacts with both existing customers and the potential global markets now available via the internet. At the same time, its unique flexible design allows the system to be configured for the specific needs of each organisation.


  • On-line product enquiry and purchasing;
  • SPNet links directly to Sybiz Vision to create a dynamic website that automatically reflects changes in the underlying database. Existing customer, inventory and pricing information is used. Therefore no requirement to maintain a separate Internet database;
  • The resulting web site can be used by existing customers and prospective new clients, as well as branch offices and remote sales staff. All categories can be defined to run off a single website;
  • The flexible design allows the system administrator to maintain user groups, set options, limit access, define order prompts, send messages etc;
  1. Includes embedded CommSecure™ payment gateway for secure online credit card payments. Can be used for both purchases and for paying off account balances.
  2. Existing customers can query outstanding orders, previous invoices and other business information;
  3. Tracking facility to monitor website traffic and sales activity;
  4. Choice of web hosting options;
  5. Message Centre allows you to communicate with your customers via email and link them back into your website.


  • Customers log-in and view their specific pricing information;
  • Customers can define their own standard orders to speed up the order process;
  • Placed orders are posted directly to the customer’s account;
  • Customers can view & print their account details, outstanding orders and invoice history.

Online Store

  • Built in credit card payment gateway;
  • Powerful product search facility;
  • Users can create their own temporary account;
  • Freight calculator based on order weight, value etc.

Web Design

  • Design templates to customise the ‘look and feel’;
  • Extensive control over product layout using cell formats;
  • Embed Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for greater control;
  • Create standard customer log-in with password or link directly to a specific product, shopping cart,  search facility etc.

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