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Every business is unique, which means not every business management software solution (ERP System) can fit like a glove. To combat the frustration and hardships that can stem from implementing unsuitable systems or multiple software AlphaBiz Solutions adheres to the 80/20 principle.

The 80/20 principle is based on our decades of experience, we follow this when implementing software solutions for all clients, this is when the right software can do 80% of the business critical needs and the final 20% can be accomplished by our custom software development team.

Custom developed software

This means the entire business management system is still one system all working together, or if your business has a unique aspect that needs data to be captured, manipulated or transferred between systems,  AlphaBiz Solutions has helped hundreds of businesses over the last 30 years to automate multiple aspects of their business activities through custom development.

Here are some examples of custom development and applications that will help you save time and money

  • Custom application using the powerful Microsoft SQL database to record information to help you analyze or track the progress of the activity;
  • Custom smartphone and tablet apps to empower your staff with immediate critical data capture and information;
  • Custom web-based applications and cloud API integration;
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interface) to automate transactions between your customers or suppliers. Like, receiving purchase orders from your suppliers into your financial system automatically and in return your supplier receiving the PO acknowledgement and/or invoice back into their system;
  • Integrating and automating systems that involve a high amount of manual and duplicate entry;
  • Integrating your financial system hardware devices and peripherals. Like, weight scales, industry-specific machinery, time and attendance systems and any other computerized equipment;
  • Developing custom analytical & financial reports to help you make informed judgments in the running of your company.

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