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Business Intelligence (BI) Tools are generally hard to use, costly to learn or pay a “Guru” to implement from the ground up. Most BI tools have large upfront software fees and “never-ending” consulting costs. Snapshot Instant BI offers a unique Business Intelligence platform with a large range of ready to use Dashboards. We allow BI consultants to copy our logic to tailor the Dashboards, in essence doing the heavy lifting and allowing businesses to get a much faster return on investment.

Snapshot gives you the incredible real-time information about any area of your business with an uncomplicated install, little or no training and no risk, because of the unique 14-day hassle free trial.

Why Is Snapshot Different?

  • Instant Dashboard Library
  • Little Training Required
  • Quick Install
  • No Upfront Software Cost
  • Easy Dashboard Customisation
  • Community Dashboards Available
  • Dashboard Backup

Save Time with Snapshot

  • Instead of long complicated Reporting or Business Intelligence solutions, Snapshot can pull any data from any Financial, Payroll or any other SQL Database into an instant Dashboard immediately.
  • Customise, filter and then share that information.
  • All at low monthly “cancel anytime” cost, with an almost instant ROI.
  • Save even more time by allocating individual Dashboards to anyone, securely and easily.

New Snapshot Payroll Introduction

New Snapshot Version 2 for Accounting Overview


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