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Build your own reports in Excel with live data in less than 5 minutes.

velixo-datasheet.jpgVelixo Reports is an Excel-based reporting tool that was built from the ground up for MYOB Advanced. Velixo Reports adds a new toolbar to Excel and more than 60 functions specially designed to work with General Ledger, Project Data and Generic Inquiries.

Velixo provides a tight integration and leverages the unique capabilities of your MYOB Advanced cloud ERP with features such as Smart Drilldown, Smart Refresh, Writeback, Consolidations and Advanced Security.

It’s simple yet effective execution allows your entire team to benefit, helping your business make better decisions. If you know Excel, you can do it!

Easily Connect Excel to Your
MYOB Advanced Data

  • Designed with the Excel user in mind
  • Installs in seconds
  • Connect using your MYOB Advanced login credentials and start building spreadsheets that instantly include MYOB Advanced data
  • If you know how to use Excel, you already know how to use Velixo Reports

Lightning Fast, Always Live

  • Data is loaded & refreshed in a matter of
    seconds thanks to Smart Refresh
  • No more exports or manual entries required – you’re always working with the most up-to-date data
  • Changes you make to formulas and cells are reflected immediately in your spreadsheet

The flexibility of Excel with the Power
of MYOB Advanced Analytical Reports

  • Powerful formatting and data visualization capabilities including tabs, conditional formatting, charts and data grouping
  • Consolidate data from multiple tenants
    and companies
  • Combine GL, PM, generic inquiries and data from other sources and spreadsheets into a single report
  • Easily drilldown to the original document
    in MYOB Advanced

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Velixo Reports, book a
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