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MYOB Advanced People

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MYOB Advanced; fastest growing mid-market platform in Australia and New Zealand


MYOB released MYOB Advanced People at MYOB’s annual industry event. Advanced People technology is designed for payroll information to flow between functions, reducing duplication of effort, manual data entry and providing real-time business insights for the Australian and New Zealand mid-market. MYOB Advanced People is a stand-alone cloud payroll solution.

At the launch event, Andrew Birch, General Manager of Industry Solutions, MYOB spoke of the value of MYOB’s mid-market solutions and specifically of MYOB Advanced People.

“The benefits of Advanced People to businesses are not only in terms of the convenience and functionality of the product. Research has shown that once a company is using a cloud solution, use of the ERP system by employees rises from just over half to almost two-thirds – offering enormous gains in efficiency and productivity.”

“We have had tremendous success in our cloud strategy. Since our launch of MYOB Advanced two years ago, our ERP solution has had a growth rate of 170 percent year on year. We’re excited to now bring Advanced People to market, and we’re confident it will bring the same value to our bigger business clients,” 

Built on the same platform of the popular Advanced Business solution, together they deliver the fastest growing mid-market platform in Australia and New Zealand. As a unified solution, it offers the ability to consolidate systems and processes into a single cloud-based solution.

Key Features

  • Anywhere, anytime, any device access for employers and employees
  • Powerful configuration options, catering to many employee scenarios
  • Enterprise-grade security and browser-based access
  • Superior reporting; users can create and publish personalized dashboards or manipulate live data outside the software using OData functionality
  • Simplified compliance, Advanced People includes a MYOB first: our Data Calculation Engine (DCE) a tax engine which calculates employee tax and superannuation automatically 
  • Integration with MYOB PaySuper service to simply superannuation contribution payments
  • It simplifies maintenance, as businesses have one system and one vendor to deal with
  • It improves collaboration by unifying data, processes, and tools into a single, centralized platform
  • It reduces the burden of maintaining integration between multiple systems or databases, reducing resource overheads
  • Iy consolidates databases into a single instance, so data can flow seamlessly between functions enhancing reporting, collaboration and real-time analysis of data

With the largest ERP partner channel across Australian and New Zealand, MYOB partners are now implementing MYOB Advanced People into client sites with outstanding results. Melbourne-based Director, Codecom, Andrew Purcell says his company’s decision to implement MYOB Advanced People reflects their focus on leveraging the innovation and growth that MYOB has invested into its enterprise solutions.

“When we implemented MYOB Advanced People, we immediately noticed improvements and efficiencies in business workflow. The biggest appeal, however, was its full integration; we didn’t have to change between programs or databases and that enabled us to provide fast and nimble service to our customers.”

“We really believe in investing in automation, and MYOB has tailored the product to suit our business needs so that I can focus less on manual tasks and more on the growth and success of my business through customer satisfaction”

MYOB Advanced People is available now through the MYOB partner network. For MYOB product information, research results, business tips, discussions, client service and more contact us.