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MYOB Advanced People

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A modern, full-featured online payroll solution developed on the MYOB Advanced Platform.

MYOB Advanced People perfect for leading-edge businesses who want to take advantage of a modern payroll solution that is embedded within the MYOB Advanced People Payroll same platform as your ERP to further simplify your business processes and improve efficiencies.

  • Anywhere, anytime, any device access for employers and employees;
  • Powerful configuration options, catering to many employee scenarios;
  • Enterprise-grade security and browser-based access;
  • Superior reporting; users can create and publish personalized dashboards or manipulate live data outside the software using OData functionality;
  • Simplified compliance, Advanced People includes Data Calculation Engine (DCE), a tax engine which calculates employee tax and superannuation automatically ;
  • Integration with MYOB PaySuper service to simply superannuation contribution payments;
  • Simplifies maintenance, as businesses have one system and one vendor to deal with;
  • Improves collaboration by unifying data, processes, and tools into a single, centralized platform;
  • Reduces the burden of maintaining integration between multiple systems or databases, reducing resource overheads;
  • Consolidates databases into a single instance, so data can flow seamlessly between functions enhancing reporting, collaboration and real-time analysis of data.

  Incredibly flexible
MYOB Advanced People is a feature-packed payroll solution that has powerful pay item and entitlement functions, catering to many employees needs. It allows for multiple employee pay groups across several pay frequencies, giving you more control to manage payroll, your way.

 Designed with integration in mind
With GL journals and payment batches generating automatically, pay processes are more streamlined. Payroll transactions, entitlement accruals and tax liabilities are displayed on-screen, saving time and effort reconciling amounts for both employee pay and government reporting obligations.

 Simplified compliance
Tax compliance is made easy with the online tax engine. This means tax rates and thresholds are maintained by MYOB and these changes automatically flow through to you. Rest easy knowing you will always be using the latest rates as defined by the ATO and IRD.

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