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Sybiz Vision Classic

12.91  May 2019
  • Outstanding technical issues resolved.
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Sybiz Vision.Net

19 June 2019
  • Major advancements in sales order management;
  • More advanced stock replenishment intelligence;
  • Extensions to Pay and Process;
  • Changes to product maintenance;
  • Improvements to transaction capabilities. Read More

Sybiz Visipay


March 2019

  • Validation rule change implemented by the ATO addressed;
  • Multi-factor authentication. Users will get a code emailed to them each time they log in from a different device, increasing security.;
  • Sybiz Visipay Help is now available online, reducing the size of software updates. 
  • The company address lines 1 and 2 have now been extended to accept more than 38 characters per line. 
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MYOB Advanced

2018.1.7 Apr 2018
  • Bank feeds functionality;
  • Support for multiple named Partner Support users;
  • AU Flat Tax Rates in Payroll,

  • Licensing updates, and several enhancements.  Read More



Feb 2018
  • Enhanced security for the Exo database, onscreen confirmation of the current local currency value when receipting debtor payment or paying creditors;
  • Exchange rate override validation warnings;
  • Asset depreciation calculations use financial year period definitions. Read More

MYOB Exo Payroll

  • Awards and Pay Classes Update;
  • Fixes and improvement. Read More

Wage Easy Payroll & HR June 2018
  • PEGG, Sage’s smart assistance chatbot;
  • STP Full File Replacement;
  • Option to exclude employees from STP reporting;
  • Reporting changes – negative OTE, cheque payments, connection attempts;
  • Password security access for STP;
  • Changes around the end of financial year processing; and
  • STP allowances ‘ATO Type’ in new databases.  Read More

FingerTec TCMS

  • Daily, weekly, and flexible clocking schedules to support normal, overnight and multiple shifts configuration.
  • Set up public and private messages to smoothen communication within the organization.
  • Import & export data;
  • Template configuration to easy third-party integration;
  • Periodic database backup, etc. Read More

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